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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Abortion Recovery International Network, known by the initials A.R.I.N., has published its first newsletter, Pieces. (That link is to a PDF file.)

The lead article, "A.R.I.N. – Entrepreneurial endeavour or servant organization?", is by Chris Jackman of Project Grace.

Chris immediately plunges into a discussion of why, until A.R.I.N., there has been no umbrella group for abortion recovery.

I know. It’s been tried before. The concept of A.R.I.N. is not a new one. Others have tried to band abortion recovery leaders together for the common cause of reaching those wounded by abortion.
She identifies "pride" and "protection" as the two factors that have stood in the way of working together. By "pride" she means that people who have written a book, a Scripture study, a retreat model, and so on, to help people recover after abortion can take pride in their work to the extreme of believing that what they have developed is the ne plus ultra of abortion recovery:

How arrogant of me if I think that my particular study, therapy model or retreat is the “only and best” way to do abortion recovery work.
I do think there's some of this arrogance running around in post-abortion circles.

Chris doesn't exactly say what she means by "protection". I think she means the ego-protection involved in denying that someone other than oneself might have some insights and ideas into abortion recovery that are actually, gasp, as or more effective than one's own program. Although you'd have to have a fragile and narcisstic personality style, it seems to me, to feel that your ego is under assault by the mere concept that someone other than yourself might have developed an effective and inspired approach to healing after abortion.

It's putting me into a bad mood to contemplate this rather ugly picture. I don't blame Chris--I think her observations are accurate.

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