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Thursday, April 21, 2005

At Business Week Online, the resident blogger feels faint about a baby in an ad. Or, well, a fetus. Although the ad itself calls the baby "a baby", the blogger can't go there:

Carl's Jr., the fast food chain, launched an ad featuring a fetus, yes a fetus, talking to his Mother about the Spicy BBQ Six Dollar hamburger with jalapenos she's been eating. At one point, the fetus yanks on his umbilical chord to get his Mother's attention like it was a butler's bell. The fetus warns his Mother to go easy on the spicy stuff or he'll come out early. "It Ain't For Babies," the voiceover of the ad concludes.
Then the blogger gets Freudian:

So, sorry Carl's Jr., but I can't help but associate your product in this case with an abortion.
Huh. You see a baby in utero, or a fetus, or whatever you want to call it, and you "can't help but associate" it with "an abortion"?

I'm curious about why that sentence says:

"I can't help but associate your product with an abortion."

instead of:

"I can't help but associate your product with abortion."

Update: See WorldNetDaily for Unborn baby threatens mom in new burger ad.

They include a link to the ad and background on the founder of Carl's Jr.

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