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Friday, April 29, 2005

Find a Spiritual Need...and Fill It reflects on discernment before starting a new ministry:

So now you’ve identified a need, you know why that need hasn’t yet been filled by a church yet, and now you’re ready to charge off and expand the kingdom of God, right? Wrong. First, you must evaluate whether or not you have the necesary talent and resources to fill that need. It may be that there is a great need for post-abortion counseling, and there are no significant obstacles blocking that ministry, but I have absolutely no competency in that area. If I were to try to fill that need I would fail spectacularly because I have never experienced and overcome the pain and guilt that comes with an abortion, nor have I received any sort of training in this type of counseling. The need is there, the obstacles are not, but I’m woefully unqualified to do something about this on my own.

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