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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Found this great post at Doug TenNapel's blog (March 30, 2005).

"Did I mention that Patty Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond also goes to my church? I also support her charity Feminists For Life. She defends Terri Schaivo and barely-funny-man Howard Stern said he wanted to remove Patty Heaton's feeding tube. She wittily responds:
'When I heard that, I was disappointed because I was just about to give him power of attorney, and I don't think I'm going to do that now. I'm taking him right back out of my will.'"

Also, yesterday, before I found Doug's post on living wills (see link below), I'd written an article/letter to my paper's editor about this media frenzy about living wills and how it isn't going to help people who want to live, but rather help the euthanasia-crazed crowd.

Doug is another of the many telling the truth about living wills (see "Eyes Wide Shut," March 28, 2005 post):
"The truth is that if 20 year old Terri Schiavo made a living will Michael Schaivo would have been able to pull the tube ten years ago."

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