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Friday, April 22, 2005

Grieving the Unborn was written in the late 90s, and published in the Washington Monthly, but it's still a great review of differing attitudes toward post-abortion counseling.

The final paragraph summarizes the discussion thusly:

Because abortion is such a sensitive political issue, it may indeed be difficult for pro-choice advocates to discuss its psychological impact truthfully without opponents pouncing. But by ceding the post-abortion counseling issue to the pro-life activists, pro-choicers risk positioning themselves as interested only in the politics of the abortion issue, rather than in the needs of the people it affects. As things stand, women in need of support after an abortion may be inclined to either repress their problems, creating the potential for bigger trouble down the road, or turn to one of the many pro-life groups that offer such aid. Clearly, it's impossible to predict whether, as Wolf suggests, offering post-abortion counseling options would actually advance the pro-choice cause. But it would certainly help the women the movement claims to represent, many of whom now suffer in silence.

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