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Friday, April 1, 2005

More bad news on the Abortion/Breast cancer front:
Received this email from a reader today:

I'm sorry to have to bother you personally with this but couldn't find any information elsewhere. I have a friend who is participating in the Avon Foundation's Breast Cancer walk. I'm trying to see where the money raised from this walk goes so that if I donate I'm not inadvertently donating to abortion providers. Do you know if this organization supports Planned Parenthood in any way?

Again, I apologize for bothering you with this but didn't know where else to look.

Thank you!
I did a little homework and replied:
Here is what I found so far. If it were me, I'd not do the walk, though there are conflicting pieces of evidence (or lacks thereof):

1) This shows no record of Planned Parenthood linkage in terms of funds donated to them by Avon, however this site says that Avon is helping PP.

I've written the Coalition on Abortion and Breast Cancer to ask for evidence they've found that there is a link. I'll write you when I hear from them.

2) HOWEVER, on Planned Parenthood's own website, they show that one of the companies matching fund donations (when their employees give to Planned Parenthood, the company matches their donation) is in fact Avon Products Foundation, Inc., which created and runs the Avon Breast Cancer Walk: "The Avon Foundation Breast Care Fund was created by the Avon Foundation..." and "[The] Avon Walk for Breast Cancer the largest fundraising program of the Avon Foundation."

If the PPFA website is to be believed, it appears as though Avon Products Foundation has not matched a gift to PPFA in the past 24 months. However a random check of the rest of the firms on multiple other webpages shows that NONE OF THEM are shown to have done so in the last 24 months. I suspect PPFA just isn't showing those who have matched gifts recently, so it's impossible to tell which ones have and which haven't.

The matching funds could very well come in part from Avon's Walk, since it's their largest fundraiser. I suspect Avon has swept their website clean of any reference to PPFA in light of what's happening to ACS and Komen.

3) Those groups Avon DOES donate to include hospitals affiliated with other hospitals who do abortions (St. Barnabas and Beth Health Care, for one example) and groups including The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, which has a position paper stating:
"It has been hypothesized that surgical and spontaneous abortions increase breast cancer risk. However, the largest and most reliable research studies show that there is no association between either kind of abortion and risk of breast cancer. Based on overwhelming scientific evidence, NBCC does not support any public policy efforts that imply [that an abortion/breast cancer] link exists."
In other words, the same erroneous, misleading, denial postion that American Cancer Society and Komen hold. NBCC even goes so far as to quote and reference the severely-flawed and often-criticized Melbye study on that webpage!

It looks like Avon Foundation could match funds to PPFA and does fund organizations who either do abortions and/or who deny the ABC link exists, thus perpetuating the misinformation and allowing women to be duped into thinking abortion won't increase their risk of breast cancer, when much research shows that it does.

Hope that helps. If I hear from that above ABC coalition, I'll let you know.

God bless,

Annie B.

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