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Monday, April 11, 2005

This remarkable article from Sunday's Washington Post is about a couple whose child was diagnosed with fetal abnormalities. The mother and father disagreed about whether the child should be aborted. The journalist uses the word "hounds" to describe the attempts made by the husband to get his wife to abort. If you read this fascinating article in its entirety, you might think that's not a strong enough word to describe what he does.

The article indicates that the medical professionals consulted by this couple encouraged a termination, and overstated the risks of continuing the pregnancy. The writer also suggests that the medical professionals are now unwilling to confirm this.

The husband is unsuccessful in his efforts to convince his wife to abort the child. He finds this lack of control to be such a fundamental intrusion on his sense of control over his life that he has decided never to allow his wife another pregnancy:

Saqib says he knows he can't control the outcome of a pregnancy. But what he can try to control is the onset of one. "Before there's a pregnancy, Susan and I are equals, and we make decisions together," he explains. "After a pregnancy, when a baby is born, we would be equals and make decisions together. But it's clear to me that during a pregnancy, I am not an equal parent with full rights. So those nine months are very disempowering. And I won't go through that again."
Interested readers should note that the Alis will be fielding questions and comments about this article today (Monday) at 1:00 p.m. at Washington Post Live Online.

HT: Amy Welborn.

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