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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

230 Crosses in Remembrance Posted by Hello

L.U.C.Y/Rock for Life Teens, St. Patrick/St.Lawrence Posted by Hello

White Crosses and 300 Churches doing Project Gabriel

If only my church was one of them...
There are 420 students in our local schools in grade 7-12 (the ages in our youth group). According to statistics, 1 out of every 3 pregnancies ends in abortion.

That means there should be 630 kids in our schools.

The crosses we erected are in memory of the 210 missing brothers, sisters, friends and classmates and represent all children who were never born due to abortion.

Our hope is that by seeing the actual number of students potentially missing, our community will begin to have a new awareness of how harmful abortion is. How it not only takes the life of a child of God, but how it affects families and the entire community.

For too long we have looked the other way. It’s always been somebody else’s job to talk about it, to speak up… It’s time we began speaking for these children who have no voice, for the mothers suffering silently from the loss of their children.

Hearts in Silence Posted by Hello
This pic: there's a mother and small child, a middle aged woman, two sisters (French heritage), an elderly woman (Irish heritage), a teen (Hispanic heritage) and a foreign exchange student (from Brazil, where abortion is illegal). Some working with a lower income, some very well-off, some retired. Great diversity--all placing hearts, in complete silence!

The hearts represent the life of each child...They also represent God’s love for unborn children, their mothers and their families.

Our Gabriel Project [scroll down to "More details of how the Gabriel Project works"] stands ready to help any woman facing an unexpected pregnancy to get whatever support she needs to make abortion an unthinkable option. The numbers are 315-389-5401, and 315-389-4066.

Over 200 parishes are doing their own Project Gabriel now nationwide, as far as we know, maybe getting close to 300.
I wish all churches would do (and model their websites after) what St. Patrick & St. Lawrence Parishes are doing. Wish I could forward this to my pastor...I wish...

Also, this interesting Q&A from the website:
How do women of a local community know that there is help available if they are in a pregnancy? You[r church is] a member of the Gabriel Project if you put a sign outside of your church that says: "We the members of this church community, see in the birth of each baby a fresh expression of God’s unfailing love for each and every one of his children. We offer immediate and practical help to any woman faced with what seems to be a crisis pregnancy. The only condition is that the child be allowed to live."

Interesting wording, "what might seem to be a crisis pregnancy." They used that wording in [the original Project Gabriel] in Corpus Christi [Texas]. But it seems to be a crisis. In other words, it seems to be just the greatest crisis of her life. But is something that is manageable and it makes people think, you know.
My friend "j9" of the church's "L.U.C.Y. Rock for Life" group, sent all this to my attention, writing, "If we reach out through this and also personally to mothers we know, maybe some day there will be no need to put up such a display. Someday all will recognize the sanctity and preciousness of life and abortion will be seen for what it is."

[This was also sent to the L.A. Times at the request of RFL National Headquarters and North Country Catholic.]

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