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Monday, May 2, 2005

Ashli comments on post-abortion healing. You'll want to read the whole post. Part of it, toward the end, says:

Even so, I am pig-headed, and can't shake the idea that more than anything, these programs are about coping with abortion, about integrating the experience into one's life without becoming wholly destructive to one's self and others. The programs don't "heal" but certainly they help.
When someone calls me to talk about coming on a Rachel's Vineyard retreat, or to ask about other resources, a frequent question is "will this really help?" or "how much will this help?" That's always a hard question to answer. Sometimes I say:

"Many women say that they have a feeling of peace or comfort they never again expected to have."

Or we talk about specific trauma symptoms (dysfunctional ways of coping) they have developed, and I share stories from other participants about how those symptoms or dysfunctional ways of coping ended.

I agree with Ashli that when we use the word "post-abortion healing", it almost implies "after this post-abortion healing program, you will be healed", and that, in some ways, is not accurate. In other ways, it is accurate. There is a balm in Gilead, over and above forgiveness.

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