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Monday, May 9, 2005

Eugenics, Genocide and/or the Abortion Industry

This post and my comments cheekily juxtaposing Exhale’s own website’s rhetoric into the mouths of Big Tobacco got me to thinking again about the abortion industry—as just that: an industry. I’d referred to those current TV commercials about the true stories of tobacco execs in a conference room, bandying about their ideas to promote cigarettes to youngsters and to make up their own “experts.”

I started thinking about the “insiders’ conference room” discussions that must have gone on when the U.S. abortion industry was beginning, and have perhaps even continued now as it has become a $1.3 billion a year giant.

Like at Planned Parenthood, (PPFA) the nation’s largest abortion provider. And how I’d never actually done a distinct blog post here on this…

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