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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Family Research Council has issued this press release (scroll down) denouncing radio shock-jock Elliot Segal of Washington, DC's DC 101 for a show earlier this week (Tuesday) when he held a contest for the listener who had had the most abortions:

Earlier this week, schlock jock Elliot Segal of Washington, D.C.'s radio station DC101 decided it would be hilarious to hold a contest with a prize for the listener who had the most of abortions. While this contest was disgusting by its very nature, the offense is compounded since he held the competition on public airwaves during early morning hours - when people are driving to work and bringing their children to school. The "contest" featured at least one potential statutory rape, two medical assaults and a number of callers proud of the children they had aborted. One caller, identified as K-Dog, proudly asserted that he was responsible for 16 abortions between two different women. K-Dog's second wife called in to proudly verify the 5 abortions she had with him.
This is how Elliot Segal describes the segment on his webpage:

A new abortion study has been conducted and the results: more and more women are undergoing the procedure. In fact, one in three who choose to abort have already had at least one elected termination in the past. Oh my god. Are there really that many unwanted pregnancies? Screw you Princeton Tigers…let's go to the phones. "Elliot In The Morning… how many have you had?" "2." "3." "5." "7." Ding, ding, ding. There's the winner, 7. Wow. What's this? A man wants to name that tune in more notes. "I've been the cause of 16." Well, lucky number 7 - looks like you're gonna have to share the golden cannula with someone else.
I don't have the same reaction as the Family Research Council. It's the responsibility of families with children not to turn the radio dial to DC101 on the way to school in the morning. The fact that this particular shock jock on this particular morning decided to encourage his listeners to hold themselves up as examples of Why You Don't Want To Be Me by competing to see who had had the most abortions is not different in kind from the other contests shock jocks hold.

That was my first reaction. My second reaction is that people died (small, developing people) so that Elliot Segal could make fun of the people who paid to have them killed. It's like a contest for "How Many Innocent Civilians Did You Kill During the War?" If soldiers want to josh around about that, bad on them. But doing this is fundamentally indecent to the people who died. Holding the perps up to public self-ridicule doesn't justify treating the deaths with this lack of dignity.

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