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Friday, May 20, 2005

Guy Sebastian won the first Australian Idol--the Australian version of the televised contest that has recently brought us Bo, Carrie, Baby T and Constantine of beloved memory.

As we learn in Idol Guy plans abortion fight, he is going to open a counseling service for pregnant woman:

CHART topper Guy Sebastian plans to open a counselling service for pregnant women to help curb the abortion rate.

Sebastian, 23, an Assemblies of God member, said the centre, which could be in Melbourne, would be aimed at women considering an abortion.
"I'm anti-abortion. I don't believe any human being has the right to decide the fate of another, but I'm totally against telling other people what to do," he said.

"I've met a few women who have had one and their stories are just horrific. They just shock you.

"Some have never recovered. It's the worst thing to do – make an uninformed, uneducated decision."

The first Australian Idol winner's clinic could have a hotline, counselling, rehabilitation and testimonials from women who have had abortions.
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