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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm excited to announce that starting tomorrow (Wednesday), our blog will be graced with the presence of its first-ever Guest Blogger.

Our guest blogger, who will be writing here for a week, is Mary. She is the regional co-coordinator of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in Seattle Washington.

Mary writes:

I am not post-abortive but I have several close friends who are, two of whom do not regret their abortions. I got involved in the SNMA campaign after seeing Jennifer O'Neil on The O'Reilly Factor and reading these testimonies on the SNMA web site. Several friends over the years confided in me about their abortions but these testimonies hit me very hard. I recently found out some of the details of my grandmother's abortion in the 30s or 40s which sounds as though it was coerced by her Norwegian immigrant parents.

I would consider myself a pro-life Catholic. I have been married 6 years and have a 20 month old son. I'm a graduate of the University of Washington (International Studies, BA) and George Mason University (International Transactions, MA).
I will be out-of-town during this week. My 25-year-old and I are driving to Manhattan to pick up my 18-year-old, who has finished a very thrilling two months as an intern for one of the Manhattan-based broadcast networks.

Mary, please accept my thanks and a warm welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere.

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