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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Last week in Canada, Powerful Silent No More Awareness Campaign Exposes Abortion’s Harsh Personal Aftermath.

OTTAWA, May 18, 2005 ( – During the Silent No More Awareness Campaign (SNMAC) that followed the National March for Life last Thursday in Ottawa, twenty people from various regions of Canada gave moving personal testimonies about the devastating after-effects of abortion in their lives.

Canadian co-founder of the Campaign, Angelina Steenstra, spoke with She said SNMAC participants from Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario met pro-lifers returning from the March, to share their post-abortion stories – including two who joined the group at the last moment from out of the crowd – a woman from Montreal and a man from Ottawa.

Three men shared their regret of lost fatherhood, Steenstra said. Seventeen women also witnessed to the emotional, physical, and spiritual pain experienced after abortion. Steenstra said the reason that these people shared their experience was to “break the silence, so that the aftermath of abortion can be healed.”

“After my abortion 19 years ago, an intern asked me to be quiet when I was calling out for my [aborted] baby, because I was upsetting people in the recovery room,” Debby Fisher from Brampton said at the rally. “I remained silent until last year, when I saw women like me standing up to proclaim ‘I regret my abortion’ for the first time at the National Silent No More Awareness Campaign rally in Ottawa. I knew God was calling me to be silent no more.”
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