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Monday, May 2, 2005

A loving brother remembers his sister, Julie, who died of cancer. The aggressive cancer was diagnosed during the third trimester of a pregnancy. Her doctor urged an abortion. Julie declined the offer. Here's a poem she wrote to this child:

One Look At You

What did I know about sorrow,
And what had I learned about love?
What did I know about God in his heaven,
And what did I know much else of?
You came to me under a shadow,
Or some would say under a cloud;
You never asked much, just a mother’s own touch,
And you never cried hard or cried loud.

On the day you were born, when they left us alone,
Why I brought you right into my bed,
I looked into your eyes, kissed you over and over
And these are the words that I said:
Forgive me for thinking that two was enough,
Forgive me for wishing you gone,
One look at you here in my arms and I know
That together is where we belong.

Now you make every morning a sunrise,
And you make every nightfall a thrill,
Though the world’s full of children, there’s no one
like you,
Never has been and there never will.
If an angel of God came and told me
I could have my life back like before
But I couldn’t have you, do you know what I’d do?
I would send him back out through the door.

Yes, I know I’ve made thousands of dreadful mistakes
As a mother and also as wife;
But I tell you the truth, it is you and your sisters
Who anchor me here in this life.

See Julie Bird for more information about this lovely woman.

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