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Monday, May 9, 2005

Margaret Mazzantini's novel Don't Move is about an affair that evolves out of a rape.

Penelope Cruz stars in the film version which is now in limited American release.

The storyline of the movie is that a surgeon's 15-year-old daughter, Angela, lays near death in a hospital room with wounds caused by a traffic accident. As the father, Timoteo, sits by her bed, he is drawn back to memories of the year she was conceived. Sixteen years ago, travelling to join his wife at their beach house, his car broke down in a slum neighborhood. He asks permission from a woman (Italia, played by Penelope Cruz) in a nearby house to use her phone to call for help, and ends up raping her. He returns later to apologize, yet rapes her again. She had also been raped by her father when she was 11. She is filled with self-loathing: "Weeds are hard to kill," she says of herself. The rapes/affair continues. Italia becomes pregnant and goes to the gypsies for an abortion. Then Timoteo's wife, Elsa, becomes pregnant with Angela. Timoteo attends the birth of Angela and then returns to Italia who is hemorrhaging from (and dies) from the botched abortion.

If abortion was safe, legal and rare, though, everything would have turned out great.

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