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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mia VanDuran has written a novel that focuses on abortion recovery:

Called Heart of Stone, this book is the first mainstream Christian novel to deal with Abortion Recovery head on. No holds barred, no punches held, this book reveals the reality of post-abortive trauma without dumbing down the topic or softening it to where it's barely recognizable.

Post-abortive stress, while touched on in other Christian books, had never been approached with quite the tenacity I put into it. That scared many a publisher but I refused to give in.

As time went on, Christian publishers became polarized on the subject. The smaller publishers loved it but didn't think they had the money to market it the way it needed to be. The larger publishers had more interesting comments. One editor made the following comment:

"This book sets a bad precedent in asking
Christians to forgive women who've
had abortions. They've made their beds,
they need to lie in them".

I was shocked and disturbed by those words and that editor wasn't the only one who felt that way. Numerous editors told me that the book couldn't be published because its topic was too "risky".
Hearts of Stone will be released in June by Mountain View Press.

Read an excerpt here.

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