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Monday, May 2, 2005

The new post-abortion ministry In Our Midst has some good reflections on seeing the church as a mission field. They refer to the fact that many people in church are the walking wounded, who are therefore much less able to be a functioning part of the healing Body of Christ.

This is an excellent point. When I work with local pro-life groups and churches for help in getting the word out about the availability of post-abortion ministry, the most common response I get is something along the lines of:

"Yes, it would be great if we could fund an ad in the campus newspaper."


"We have a couple of volunteers who would be happy to put up any posters you have on campus."

Then I do my little speech, probably delivered in a schoolmarmish tone of voice that doesn't disguise my impatience (I should work on this):

"43% of American women have had one or more abortions by the time they are 45. The statistics are thought to be similar across all Christian denominations. Even if the figure is lower for churchgoing Christians, it's still at least 25%. We need to focus on healing the wounded women in our own pews. I'm not asking for money to get the word out on campus. All I really want is for you to occasionally include a bulletin notice about post-abortion ministry in your church bulletin."

One priest responded by saying, "No one in our parish has had an abortion. It's never been mentioned in confession and the Church has been against it since 1973."

You know, it's not just abortion. I think that many parish councils, priests, pastors, etc., also don't know about the internet pornography addictions, domestic violence, sexual abuse, very disturbed marriages, substance abuse and so on and so forth, that are happening right now in their congregations.

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