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Friday, May 27, 2005

Oh boy. Where to start with this one. Here's an article by Jennifer Baumgartner of "Speak Out: I had an abortion" fame on the efforts of the pro-choice folks to reach out to those who during a "counseling session with a woman...say, "I feel like I'm killing my baby." Peg Johnston, an owner and operator of abortion clinic in Binghamton, N. Y. , however, was very skilled at bringing them back to what she needed them to do:

During the course of counseling, Johnston would draw the disparate threads together. "I felt like they needed a place to say the worst and then work their way to the rightness of their decision. Some were on a journey to realize the power and responsibility of being a mother," said Johnston. "Which is that sometimes it's the power of saying no to a life."
There's no mention that Exhale is associated with Planned Parenthood. This is interesting because I understand that Planned Parenthood will post a tiny notice in one of the alternative newspapers from time to time in Seattle that offers post-abortion counseling but doesn't mentioned the name Planned Parenthood. What's the big secret?

What I leaned from this article is that pro-feminist means supporting abortion. Pre-Roe abortions are bad. Post-Roe abortions are good. And the abortion lobby wants to hear you but only if you jump on the "abortion is good" bandwagon. But you probably already knew that.

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