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Monday, May 30, 2005

Perhaps because of my grandmother’s abortion and the fact her parents were immigrants from Norway, I have a soft spot for immigrants and minorities when it comes to abortion. The idea that America would hold out the promise of a new life to those oppressed around the world and then betray them by hold out abortion as a life line (and a constitutional right no less) is one that disgusts me.

America didn’t invent abortion but we sure perfected the packaging and selling of it -- here and abroad. This article from a web site called “INDOline”, the first Ethnic portal serving Asian-Indians worldwide since 1995, includes the testimony of a woman who regrets an abortion she had early in her marriage. The article also shows how effective our marketing of abortion has been across cultures. But still, the fact that this testimony was published makes me wonder if immigrants and minorities are better able to discuss abortion within their own communities or are just lucky enough to have access to news sources that aren’t dominated and controlled by the pro-choice argument. I can’t imagine a SNMA testimony getting published, even with all the disclaimers and paeans to abortion, in a major American newspaper or web site that wasn’t explicitly pro-life. If there are examples, I’d love to hear about them.

The author, Jasmeen Dugal, has sadly learned all the “benefits” of abortion:

Family planning and abortion clinics also have specially trained counselors to guide you about your choices when you face an unwanted pregnancy. Depending on your needs, your counselor will review adoption or abortion. The most common reasons to go in for an abortion might be: --You cannot afford a baby right now. --You don’t want to be a single parent. --You are not ready for the responsibility. --You don’t want anyone to know that you are pregnant. --You are too young to have a child. --Either you or the fetus has a health problem. --You are a victim of rape. Whatever your situation might be, the counselor considers all of your options and helps you make your own decision.

A big cheer that INDOline published Pia’s testimony. I pray that she had found some peace and that her story helps other Asian-Indian women but will someone please send Jasmeen the memo on the how counseling at an abortion clinic works.

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