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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Priests for Life has a list of things you can do to end abortion. The S.I.C.L.E. Cell had two great ideas they need to add to their list:

Hey, do you remember the island coffee bar with Internet access? Well, they had this teeny, tiny sign (that I didn't initially see) saying I had to pay them $14 for using the computer for an hour (even though I bought an $8 meal). D'oh! Turned out to be an expensive lunch, but well worth it, as I "accidentally" left the After abortion blog up on the screen. "Oopsie."
And this excellent idea:
Hey, do you remember the Cider House Rules video I found in the beach house? The one that reeeally irked me? Well, I couldn't destroy it, because that would be wrong. I couldn't conveniently "lose" it, because that also would be wrong. What, what, what could I do to combat the eeee-ville of such a slick Hollywood promotional effort for abortion? What could I do that could be positive in the life of the next person to come across that block of plastic garbage? Not much. But I did whip out an FFL flyer, fold it in half, and slide it up inside the video case.

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