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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Terminated pregnancy or baby?

by Angela Braun in the April 2005 edition of Catholic Insight:

The life of my preborn baby girl ended abruptly at eight weeks after conception. A gush of blood, a trip to the E.R., a blood test, an ultrasound, and a diagnosis we had been dreading – delivered rather callously by the physician – that my “pregnancy had been terminated” – left me feeling bewildered and empty. “Terminated?” I heard myself asking the doctor, whose impatience seemed to be growing by the minute. “You mean my baby has died?” “It’s not a baby – you were only six to eight weeks along,”, was the curt reply. In spite of my grief, and with intensity which surprised me, I countered, “Did conception occur, doctor?” “Well yes of course, but I don’t see a BABY on that ultrasound screen!”, the man of science replied. “Then if conception occurred,” I insisted, pleading for my baby’s humanity, “then I had a BABY and my BABY died!”

That affirmation, I firmly believe, was the first step in the healing process, - knowing and acknowledging that I had suffered a loss of a loved one, my little girl whom I had loved and dreamt about. In addition to losing her, I was also deprived of all my future hopes and dreams of her – holding her, watching her grow into a young woman and experience friendships, graduations, possibly marriage … these dreams all died with her.

For the first time in my life, I considered the grief of the mother who has aborted her child. How desolate she must feel! I know that no one in that hospital or abortuary is going to acknowledge the humanity of her child, because in Canada today our humanity is depended upon whether or not we are wanted. In fact, like leprosy, this callousness has now spread to include “wanted” children (like my baby)
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