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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Twentieth Annual Black-Tie "Ball For Life" benefiting Good Counsel Homes, which serve women and their children in crisis pregnancy situations.

(If you're pregnant and need help, please contact them on their Confidential, Free Hotline 1-800-723-8331)

Also, what they do for women besides providing a place to live is a worthy quick read.

Our sometime co-blogger Theresa's Lumina is supported by Good Counsel Homes.

WHAT: There will be drinks, buffet dinner, a silent auction and dancing to the Alex Donner Orchestra.

WHO: Honoring Peggy Noonan and Ambassador Faith Whittlesey;
Honorary Co-chairmen Larry Kudlow & Sean Hannity

WHEN: Friday, June 3, 2005 (that's only 8 days away)
8:00 pm - 12 midnight (at 7 pm there will be a Mass for Life)

WHERE: New York Athletic Club
180 Central Park South
New York City

You can order tickets securely online here now, there's limited space (click on the "Purchase Tickets" star).

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