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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

All this talk of paralyzed people walking from adult stem cell research got me to thinking...

One of my favorite TV shows, Joan of Arcadia, has been skirting teasingly around the thought of the young adult son character, Kevin, walking again someday, even dancing at his own wedding [Episode 102]. He was paralyzed in a car accident prior to the show's first episode, and the flashback episode just aired in reruns last Friday night.

Their ears must have been burning or something...wrote the following post a day after the whole rest of the world found out the show has been cancelled! Sacré bleu! Barb Nicolosi at Church of the Masses tells us who and how to write to reverse that or get another network to pick it back up. Apparently the addy below is the correct one, but have added those of the other nets; all fans still ought to write, IMHO....Hey, if "Monk" can get resurrected, surely JOA can be.

[The day-old post]

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