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Friday, June 10, 2005

Calling All Men: Postabortion resources for men...

Sr. Lorraine (a new commenter here), of Thomas For Today blog, posted this request:
A man left a comment in response to a post about abortion, expressing regret for an abortion he had been a party to when he was young.

I checked out Project Rachel's website, and they also offer services to men who are fathers of aborted children. These men are often overlooked, but they experience grief and guilt as well. Project Rachel offers a booklet called "Forgotten Fathers."
Does anyone know of other resources for men?
I just posted a comment with several of our resources and blog posts on this, but let's put out the APB for any others I've missed and I'll pull together a summary post for Sr. Lorraine and for our sidebar over the weekend. (Yeah, right, like I have time then either!).

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