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Thursday, June 2, 2005

I stand corrected:
  1. the Portugese paralysis cure from adult stem cells did get media ink and
  2. it was three Americans helped so far by this, not just two, and there's a fourth on her way.
This is one of 5 articles in The Detroit Free Press (Bravo! to reporter Patricia Anstett!) about the very successful research which Connecticut's (and 48 other states') lawmakers and media people seem to deny even exists, never mind the fact that it has already been brought to the U.S.

Here are links to all the articles:
"Spinal cord patient Erica Nader makes progress after experimental stem cell surgery" - January 4, 2005

"HELP FOR PARALYSIS: Cortney's wish
is to walk again" - January 4, 2005

"SPINAL INJURY STRIDES: New therapy center to open in Detroit" - April 13, 2004

"Bob Smith: Wheel-chair bound -- but determined" - April 13, 2004

“Erica Nader: An air-bag injury took away her ability to walk. An operation in Portugal has put her on the long road to recovery.” - April 13, 2004

This is the medical center that opened in the U.S.: The Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, Phone: 313-745-9735.

I'm writing that Connecticut reporter, MariAnn Gail Brown to ask her nicely if she'll pass their contact information to the Hernandez family for their 2-year-old daughter's benefit. Anyone else in Connecticut want to do the same?

Many thanks to Kate for these links!

UPDATE: Received this prompt and nice reply from that reporter:
First, thank you for not only reading my article, but sharing your thoughts, opinions and knowledge. I will pass along your information to the family when I speak to them.

One of our newspaper's greatest strengths are readers like you who enrich what we do by sharing opinions, passing on additional information. So, again. Thank you. And please keep at it.

Sincerely yours,

MariAn Gail Brown
Connecticut Post
Staff writer
I think I will.

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