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Friday, June 24, 2005

In late May, our guest blogger Mary mentioned an article by Jennifer Baumgardner (creator of the "I Had An Abortion" t-shirts) about mixed feelings and the need for counseling after abortion.

Jennifer's article, I just noticed, also appeared on Alternet, a left-liberal website that allows people to comment on posted articles.

There are too many fascinating comments on Jennifer's article for me to even bother trying to pull out the most interesting excerpts.

One of the thoughts strongly expressed there is that pro-choice post-abortion counseling services are unwitting tools of the rabid right-wing. Frances Kissling gets involved in the comments section. One pro-choice observer writes:

It has long been my opinion that people who fault women for feeling negatively about their abortions do so in part because the fact that these women might be actually feeling this way (and are not just spouting right wing religious propaganda) makes it more difficult to feel self-righteous and comfortable with their pro-choice stance.

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