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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

In the midst of an absorbing hospital stay memoir, a fellow patient is observed:

12.50pm. "Can you move this bed and let me put her here, next to this lady?" A nurse came in with another trolley-bed. Several moments of clinging and clanging later, a young lady was wheeled next to me. She looked troubled. I gave her a smile, hoping to lift her spirits and to cheer her up a little. Without even a glance at me, she turned away.

Wah! So cold! Aiyah...maybe she was really in pain, lah! Never mind, lah. Leave her alone.

"Do you know what operation you are going in for?" the nurse asked that young lady.
"Yes," she answered.
"What?" the nurse pressed further.
"Abortion" came her reply.! So that was why she didn't wish to make eye contact with me. No wonder she was deep in thought and she looked so troubled. She must have been having her own internal battles to fight. Of course she wouldn't even have noticed me trying to cheer her up. My heart went out to her, too.

I found myself now praying for the child, the man who ate breakfast and for this young lady who was about to have a piece of herself cut off from her life. Lord, would she end up feeling "haunted" like my mother does by the memory of her aborted child? Would the memory of this child continue to "haunt" her conscience for the rest of her life? Please, Lord, please help her to deal with it. Help her to come to know you as her Saviour and her Friend, so that she can deal with it in your strength and with your help.

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