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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Renew America columnist Matt Abbott wrote an article about Caron Strong and Operation Outcry over the weekend:

Caron Strong is a former actress who has appeared on TV and in film. She's the mother of a young daughter, Cayla, her pride and joy.

Caron recently became the national director of mobilization for Operation Outcry: Silent No More (, an organization "working to overturn Roe v. Wade in light of new evidence of the physical, emotional, and psychological damage to women who have experienced abortion and new scientific evidence regarding the undeniable humanity of the child at the time of conception."

She knows first hand the horror of abortion. She's been through it more than once, and she doesn't want women to needlessly suffer like she has.

"Operation Outcry addresses the women's rights aspect of the pro-abortion dogma and contrasts their ideas with our actual experiences," says Caron. "We are women who know first hand the remorse, guilt, pain and shame of abortion.

"We are women who have attempted suicides, lived out lies and buried our nails into our carpets trying not to wake the neighbors with our grief-stricken cries. We are women who have received forgiveness and healing in Jesus Christ. And now we are women speaking the truth that abortion 'rights' advocates do not want to hear, namely, that abortion hurts women.

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