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Thursday, June 2, 2005

Yesterday, our pro-choice friend Barry posted an entry headlined Pro-life leaders defend system of forced abortion which refers to an article about how pregnant garment workers on Saipan are forced to have abortions to keep their jobs.

I have worked with two women in post-abortion counseling who were told by their employers that if they didn't abort, they would lose their job. And of course I know women who were given ultimatums by their parents (you're out of the house unless you abort) and by their boyfriends or husbands (get rid of it or I'm walking).

There are degrees of trauma and different ways in which how an abortion came about leads to how one views oneself and others after the abortion. I can't generalize based on just the two women I worked with who had "forced employment abortions", but they were very, very, very traumatized, distrustful and agonized.

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