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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Abortion-Loving People

Interesting facts:
  1. The American Cancer Society's CEO is #9 on AIP's Top 20 Compensation Packages List: John Seffrin, CEO of American Cancer Society, pulls down a cool $760,953.00.
  2. Neither American Cancer Society nor Susan G. Komen are among the 8 cancer research/care organizations netting a "Top Rating" at the American Institute of Philanthropy for "putting 75% or more towards program cost while generally spending $25 or less to raise $100."
  3. The ACS hasn't even complied with AIP's request to provide basic documents important for donors to know when making donation decisions. Simple stuff, really, like "an annual report, complete audited financial statements, and Internal Revenue Service Form 990, with Schedule A where applicable."
  4. In March 2005, my local ACS told us that “70% of all donations go right back to those needing help in our community.” So that means that 30% of every dollar goes into ACS’s pocket? That’s a lousy percentage first of all.

    But the very next week, I read in the local paper that that 30% of our donations, at least in part, was just spent by the local American Cancer Society, on a lavish St. Patrick's Day roast for the pro-abortion, pro-embryonic stem cell research and pro-death penalty, ranking Democrat and Connecticut State Speaker of the House Jim Amann.
Non-Abortion-Loving People
  1. St. Jude's Children Research Hospital is one of only 8 cancer research/care organizations netting a "Top Rating" at the American Institute of Philanthropy.
  2. I'm reasonably certain that none of the money raised for St. Jude is used by an organization (such as are ACS and Komen) which denies the scientific proof that induced abortions increase a woman's risk of breast cancer.
More on St. Jude's Respect Life stand and all the really cool fundraisers they Harley rides and horserides and sailboat regattas and bowl-a-thons and tug-of-war and on and on...

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