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Friday, July 15, 2005

Abortion regrets

I regret my abortion is an entry on a United Kingdom message board, sent to us by a reader. It says:

I already have a nine year old daughter and have a very good job and am still with my daughters father, but i fell pregnant in feb and had a abortion and now i feel so gulity. I was given the injection that last three months and it will be over may 12 i want i have a baby now because i now feel that ishouldnt have done it. what shall i do?
I had to stop reading after the first few responses, one of which said:

You probably feel guilty because you just killed your child.
Another responder launches into a theological lecture about how you're not supposed to forgive yourself. You're only supposed to ask for God's forgiveness and only once at that.

Am I imagining things, or is the quality of the responses and the advice given noticeably worse than if the person had written about any other tragic mistake she might have made?

Do people always use someone's else pain and confusion as just another opportunity to reach over their shoulder and pull their Chatty Cathy string for one of seven pre-recorded announcements?

"Hi. I am pro-life! I will do anything to promote, protect and preserve the culture of life. Oh, except...don't ask me to be kind. Don't ask me to be respectful and sensitive to confused, hurting people. God, send me out to do Your Will but not that! Not kindness! Anything, anything but that."

"Hi. I am pro-choice! Your emotional reaction to your abortion means less than nothing to me. Get over it, you freak. I am totally committed to the reproductive rights of women, because I love, love, love women, but don't ask me to be respectful and sensitive to a confused, hurting woman who has had an abortion. I mean, I'm willing to do a lot for the cause...but hey, there have to be some limits!"


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