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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Actually, it's 8 North American women (7 U.S.) who've died from the abortion pill, not the four indicated in this Yahoo/AP article. One woman was Canadian.

Our earlier news posts on the RU486 "abortion pill" deaths are on Nov. 20 and Nov. 16, 2004.

This Yahoo/AP article is extremely full of inaccurate detail. It says that "Only one other U.S. death linked to the drug has been reported since it went on the market in 2000." But AP and the Washington Post reported, collectively, that 3 U.S. women (plus one Canadian woman) died from RU 486 use in 2001 and 2002. BEFORE THE OTHER TWO occurring from sepsis in 2003.

So adding these 3 to those 4 U.S. deaths: "Two of the deaths — one this year [2005] and one last year [2004]— were reported last week by the Food and Drug Administration. The other two deaths occurred in 2003 [presumably one of which was Holly Patterson]" gives a total of 7.

And the article dismisses the one non-sepsis death, saying, "the cause of death in that case was different."

If someone's daughter or wife died from using this set of pills, would that person really care if it was from sepsis or from an undiagnosed ruptured ectopic pregnancy?

EIGHT North American women dead from the "abortion pill" in five years.

Where is the outcry, abortion supporters? Where is the ACLU, in fighting for better health information dissemination to safeguard the rights those women had to life? Where are the pro-choice Senators Boxer, Kennedy, Clinton now?

Not a peep.

(BTW, it was Bill Clinton we have to thank for rushing the FDA approval of this wonder drug in Sept. 2000. Maybe that's why Hillary is staying shut-up.)

Links to all those news sources are in the links above.

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