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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Back to the Screw Abstinence party hosted by the Seattle branch of NARAL Pro-Choice America--

A widely read Seattle blogger posted about it here. One of the comments to this post is from a male emergency room nurse, who writes:

I cannot begin to recount how many young women (and some older ones too) have come into my ER for suicidal ideation because they had an abortion.

Don't anyone dare be so naive and stupid as to tell me that abortion is an easy and painless choice. None of the ladies I assessed were happy about the choice they made. They came with emotional damage, infections, hemorrhaging, and overwhelming self-loathing and anger.

Anyone care to guess the last time I had a patient who was suicidal, suffered from sepsis, or was bleeding to death out of her vagina because she practiced abstinence?

Still waiting... anyone?

That's right. Never.

So don't presume to spout pro-abortion and anti-abstinence bullsh*t in my immediate vicinity. I've met enough human wreckage courtesy of NARAL and Planned Parenthood to have developed an overwhelming desire to smack the everlovin' s**t out of these people for what they've done to so many women.

You can argue about viability all you want. I don't care about viability. I care about what this is doing to our daughters and sisters.

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