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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Did anyone see the 20/20 story last night (ok, it's a rerun, I missed it the first time) on the high school boy, Doug Forbis, who was born with sacral agenesis, a spinal cord deficiency, such that his spinal cord was nonexistent from just above his waist down? He was born with useless legs and lower torso, which at age 2 the parents finally relented to the doctors' advice and had amputated.

This kid plays basketball, bowls, swims, acts in school plays, drives a car, and all on what looked like the stump of half a body!

I was amazed by this fellow. He's bright, infectiously funny, intelligent and personable and had a girlfriend till he decided it wouldn't be fair since he was going away to college and they'd be apart too long!

The sad truth is that, if they had done an ultrasound on him in utero 18 years ago, the doctors no doubt would have been practically sitting on those parents to abort this fellow. He's now coaching other wheelchair bound kids in b-ball, and wheechair track racing, and he is simply amazing.

I just wanted to say, thank God for this young man, and for his parents. He doesn't mind being called a role model, but he hates being called an inspiration.

The humility, the attitude and normalcy in this young man rivals many adults I've known. God bless him.

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