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Friday, July 8, 2005

Friday Link-orama

Mary at In Our Midst writes about not wanting to "go there". I can relate.

Dawn and rituals. I'm thinking Aztec.

Life from the Double-Line is a man's thoughts as his ex-girlfriend goes through an abortion. I don't say this to be in any way unsympathetic, but if he thinks that it's now over and done with, he's kidding himself. In my experience, ambivalence doesn't end when the baby does.

On several brighter notes, Rachel's Vineyard has posted a chockful-of-news newsletter, Ramah International is right now on the third day of their first-ever national conference on post-abortion issues and the Abortion Recovery International Network has published the summer edition of their newsletter, Pieces.

Back in the blogosphere, Julie at Silent Rain Drops has posted the third entry in her series on post-abortion trauma while GayLikeAFox has something to say about what barebacking and abortion have in common.

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