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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

NARAL's True Colors

Oh, yeah, we got class, uh-hunh. The "shrill level" produced by the NARALites just hitched up a few notches beyond what even I thought possible.

Thanks to commenter Kori for the heads up. (Apparently it's already made the rounds on The Curt Jester, President Aristotle and JunkYard Blog.

UPDATE 7/21/05:
Naaman commented here yesterday that they'd removed this NARAL webpage with the SCREW ABSTINENCE party announcement:
The page is 404 now; they took it down. Fortunately, you can still see it in the Google cache:
I, fortunately, also had saved a screenshot of it:

Screenshot of now-gone NARAL webpage Posted by Picasa

The invitation page had this memorable bit:
Ticket Prices:
$15.00 “The Birds and the Bees” - Gets ya in the door.
$30.00 “The Full Monty”
- Gets ya in the door, a Screw Driver drink ticket, & a Screw Abstinence T-Shirt.
Now I am a T-shirt collector, but ahhhh, I think I'll pass on that one.

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