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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Policy analyst Dan Allott has a new article up at the American Spectator site about depression after abortion. In it, he talks about his study, "The Long-Term Effects of Adolescent Abortion: A Predictor of Depression," an academic article published in the spring edition of the Georgetown Public Policy Review. Unfortunately, it isn't online yet.

The main finding from his research is:

I found that while at first glance early experiences of abortion and childbirth were similar as regards to their effects on women's long-term psychological health, when additional statistically significant variables were accounted for, such as pre-disposition to depression, physical health, and life satisfaction measures, early childbearing proved not to be a determinate of long-term depression. On the other hand, even after accounting for a wide-range of significant variables that affect depression, an early abortion experience was still associated with a higher level of adult depression symptoms.

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