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Monday, July 25, 2005

Some noteworthy links to start the week

Mary guest-blogged here a few times, and she has now started a new blog. This will focus on abortion in the state of Washington. Mary, welcome to the blogosphere.

From Womb to Tomb is another newish blog focusing on life issues. This entry is about post-abortion resources.

Gay Like a Fox: click and scroll. I'm sending support and prayers your way, GLAF. Email me whenever.

Jane objects when post-abortive women are accepted too quickly or repent too quickly. Her preference is that a post-abortive woman follow the model of Dorothy Day. Jane feels that Dorothy Day's ministry to the poor was motivationally driven by Day's repentance for her abortion. (An alternative view is that Day's ministry to the poor was driven by Day's overwhelming gratitude for God's mercy, and a desire to learn and do His will.) Day's much-admired ministry involved the notion of radical acceptance of people. Would Dorothy Day have run a repentance-o-meter over people before helping them?

Dawn Eden blogs about Lisa Sargent, a Planned Parenthood chaplain. Here's an older blog entry at Political Capital about PP's national chaplain Ignacio Castuera, which erroneously asserts that Castuera is a Catholic priest. Chaplain Lisa Sargent, if she tires of her job at Planned Parenthood, could help women with eating disorders. Her advice there is:

You need to take care of yourself, find things that you like to do and do them instead of eat when you’re stressed,” Sargent tells the woman.
That woman probably totally hadn't thought of that. Let's hope that the crying women Chaplain Sargent sees get at least this much astute advice and helpful counsel.

Christina asks about those RU-486 deaths in California.

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