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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

There's an After Abortion community at LiveJournal, with some terribly sad and depressing stories. One of the moderators is Eyelid, an abortion rights activist who has never experienced any emotional distress or regret following her abortion.

Please read the stories there with respect and care.

I was struck, reading this story, by what one post-abortive woman was told by her therapist as they were dealing with the abortion:

she made the analogy of a woman (a mother) who'd suffocated her child somewhere in a war torn country so that her and others would not be discovered while attempting to escape said country via back of some truck.
I've heard stories with this theme. One of them is from World War II, about a group of Jews hidden in a safe room in a home. One of the women has an infant. Nazi officers enter the house to search it. Any sound--such as a baby crying--will betray them to the Nazis. The Jews in the group wait in anguished expectancy, sure that the baby will cry and give them away, but there is only silence. Finally, the Nazis leave, and the group learns, to their horror, that the mother suffocated her child to keep it from crying.

What crosses my mind is...if you were that mother, what would the emotional aftermath of this be? Most women I know would experience this event as emotionally shattering, and a profound source of anguish, despair, horror and loss.

One wonders why this analogy popped into the head of the therapist. Is it because of the intensity of the emotion expressed by her client?

Overall, how odd to live in an America where a pregnancy feels equivalent to being hunted down by enemies in a country torn by war--where a therapist finds abortion analogous to such a situation--and where the problem of intensely painful emotional reactions to abortion is still virtually unknown.

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