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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tuesday link-o-rama

Ashli addresses this WorldNetDaily article that came out when baby Rowan was born alive after a late-term abortion in a Florida clinic. An old article, but expressing the ever-new post-Eden sentiment:

But I for one am not prepared to extend an immediate healing hand to Angele; at least not until I hear her take ownership for her actions.
Kelly, I don't think that Angela will want you to extend your "healing hand" before, during, or after the point at which you judge her to have taken ownership for her actions.

Mary at In Out Midst talks about a pastor she spent time with on their summer vacation. This pastor, while interested in Mary's post-abortion ministry, was pessimistic about whether it could have any impact, especially with young people:

During one of our conversations Brad said something to the effect that it doesn't matter what you tell them at this age; they do what they want and they don't believe any of the consequences you tell them about will ever happen to them. I found this troubling, especially coming from a pastor who taught such incredibly dynamic lessons during the week. He told me (in regard to his efforts with this group of young people) that he feels like he is trying to "hold back the ocean." This being the larger reality of the situation which unfortunately didn't occur to me until the end of the week.... Brad is apparently suffering from some pretty significant burnout.
Mary is more mature and thoughtful than I am.

Amy Welborn has a great post on the prevalence of eugenic abortions.

Parents who lost children in the tsumani are seeking sterilization reversals and coping with regret.

Naaman, uncharacteristically, has a post I agree with.

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