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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Abortion Pill Deaths- "The Plot Thickens"

Two updates on our correction to the story here (it's 8 women dead, not just 4):

1) From Christina Dunigan of RealChoice blog:

Here's an important point to raise now that the mainstream media are paying attention to the RU-486 deaths: Chanelle Bryant got her abortion drugs at Family Planning Associates Medical Group, a National Abortion Federation member facility. Chanelle's death brings to a round dozen the number of women that I know of who have died after FPA abortions. [and Christina names them all, first and last names, and gives links to their complete stories as well]

FPA is not a fly-by-night abortion mill. It's the single largest for-profit chain of abortion facilities in the US [Planned Parenthood is technically "non-profit" though one wouldn't really know it to look at their profits], and they're members of what's supposed to be a self-policing organization that offers referrals to "safe" abortions at facilities that only meet the highest standards of care.

We need to really get this information out.
For more, see Christina's blog entry here.

2) From Jenn S. of Wayward Catholic:

Front page of Monday's (Aug. 15) LA Times (above the cut too):

Abortion Pill Investigated in Four California Deaths

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