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Monday, August 8, 2005

"...jars that should have been used for sun tea, and were not."

In Yup, it's all in my head Julie at Silent Rain Drops continues her compelling observations about abortion-related trauma.

The subject Julie takes up in this post is getting help from professionals.

But what about getting help from a mental health professional? I mentioned my abortion and my anger about it in a group therapy session once many years ago, and the information landed in the room with an audible thud before the group leader changed the subject and moved on.
How many times have I heard that story? Not always in a group therapy context...more often, in stories about one-on-one therapy.

An expectation clients bring to therapy is that in therapy, we'll be encouraged and supported in looking at what is described in folk language as "the elephant in the living room". When a secret is revealed in therapy and even the therapist doesn't want to look at it, one message the client receives is "that is so explosive that even I can't contain it or allow you to talk about it" which leaves the client feeling even more desperately alone and panic-stricken about the secret event.

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