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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Does "JOE CAMEL" ring a bell?

Dawn Eden has several new excellent posts about the details of the lurid, violent, criminal cartoon "A Superhero for Choice" that are simply must-reads and must-do's.

Project MAX: writing and calling your local newspapers and radio talkshows, emailing the heads of Associated Press, to get nationwide coverage of this news by this Sunday.

Where to Find Planned Parenthood's 'A Superhero for Choice', now that PP has removed it from its original location.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate Prez May Have Used Her Position for Profit

MANY big bloggers, including K-Lo at National Review, run with the story

Pro-Life cartoonists reply

One of those people PP would like to eliminate

Head of PP GoldenGate (aka "Superhero") is sixth of eight children

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