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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Ellen Goodman's Latest Irony

August 4, 2005. Ms. Goodman publishes her latest column entitled, "Defending Sex and Violence?"

Ms. Goodman relates in third-person voice in her column that, as her daughter and her grandson watched a violent TV commercial for a movie,
The two women then launched into a diatribe about how thoroughly remote is their control of the media, indeed how out of control they feel in shielding even the most carefully protected child from the world beamed in, around and over their heads...It's because even these two women found themselves in uncharacteristic agreement with Family Flix's Sandra Teraci when the supersanitizer said, 'A lot of people are just really tired ... of turning on the TV or renting a movie and constantly being hit by violence, profanity and nudity.'
Wait till her grandson turns 6, turns on the PC and goes on the Internet.

Goodman's beloved Planned Parenthood still will welcome him with open arms—and legal teams fighting parental involvement—at his tender young age at the above-linked, misnamed but kiddie-friendly Teen Wire site, I'm sure.

How ironic that, just four days after Goodman's column, on August 8, 2005, Dawn Eden published the news about Planned Parenthood's new "sex and violence" cartoon, "A Superhero for Choice," in which a female superhero blasts pro-life protesters outside an abortion clinic with oversized condoms, decapitating some and blowing the rest to smithereens. Emily mentioned it here.

August 9, 2005. Planned Parenthood removes the cartoon from its website, although Dawn reports that you can still "download it from the Web site of its soundtrack's composer." And so you can.

Goodman writes,
It's about a world in which families are trying to shape their children's values, while Hollywood feels unashamed.
God bless her, but her double standard is showing. She may never see how she has painted herself, her daughter and her grandson into their own corner with her rabid support of groups like Planned Parenthood and of no-holds-barred lifestyles with unfettered birth control, morning after pills and abortion.

Will Goodman ever believe that her cherished Planned Parenthood is guilty of entrapping children such as her grandson as early as the age of 6 into thinking that cybersex and extensive sexplay at that age is OK? Read that TeenWire post by Dawn, don't take my word for it, please.

Will Goodman ever believe that Planned Parenthood coached children as young as nine about how to have sex and gave them nine reasons to have abortions, at annual conferences with no parental attendance allowed, since 1990 in Texas?

Never mind asking if the media will ever howl about the above double-standard of Planned Parenthood's glorifying of the violence toward and murder of pro-life people. They won't.

Ask instead if such reality will ever strike in the Goodman households, close to her heart and home? While she harps about "the untender mercies of the right", will she ever acknowledge the "untender mercies" of the left, even when they may have harmed her own grandson?

I can see it now: when her grandson is a little older, he'll know full well that his grandma is such a champion of "women's rights." He will hear the praises sung of Planned Parenthood, maybe even its TeenWire site and its glorious "open-minded, tolerant sex education." Will he see the discrepancy? Will he be able to distinguish what's wrong from right, even despite the fact that Grandma and probably Mom have always championed this Planned Parenthood group of people?

Will it be too late for Goodman to " shape [her grand]children's values" then?

Ellen Goodman may have no one to blame but herself, this time, if her grandson is adversely affected by the "sex and violence" to which he's exposed.

UPDATE: I just wrote to Ellen Goodman and the Boston Globe at AND . I invite our readers to send her your thoughts and the Globe as well.

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