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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

A few days ago, abortion provider Lou wrote about baptizing a baby at some point during the process of killing it.

I suppose, although it's not made clear, that since Lou splashed water on the body that the pseudo-baptism occurred after Lou had killed the child--that is, after the baby was out of the womb which, in an abortion, would generally (but not always--it depends on how far along in the pregnancy the abortion occurred, the abortion technique used and any mistakes that were made) mean that the baby is dead.

Dawn Eden comments here.

As Lou writes about this, Lou clearly feels that he (or she) has done right by this woman, and is rather pleased with him or herself--note the "I am compassionate, respectful and giving" tone of the piece.

If a serial killer came on the scene who sought out unbaptized adults, killed them by chopping them into pieces, and then left notes by the corpses saying that he had sprinkled water on the body parts and pronounced the words he remembered from childhood about baptism--I believe that public's reaction would be "That is even more creepy in a serial-killerish way than just killing those poor people".

Update: Naaman models charity.

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