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Monday, August 29, 2005

The French, abortion, Princess Diana, "Holy Condoms," forced sterilization of tens of thousands of inferior Swedes, Norwegians and Danes in the 60s and 70s in several countries, Sanger's and Stopes' "Racial Hygiene," and a fascinating history lesson

Really good read, by a woman, a retired London OB/GYN doctor "who also had extensive experience as a magistrate."

Here are some random excerpts. Go read it all though, it's a firsthand account of someone who knew and worked with:
...Professor Jerome Lejeune, who was one of the greatest scientists of the century. Lejeune has been honored throughout the world for his work on Down's Syndrome and "Fragile X" children-he discovered the extra chromosome on the 21 st pair (Trisomy 21) that is present in Down's Syndrome. He was also a most faithful Catholic, and the founder of the main pro-life organisation in France, Laissez les vivres (Let them live).

...a loving doctor who treated over 8,000 Down's Syndrome children, and remembered the names of 5,000!

It was of course his tireless efforts to oppose abortion that gained Lejeune such bitter enmity, especially from the French Left, which (like Leftists elsewhere) promotes abortion.

...RU-486, in spite of being pushed by family planners, has been a total flop in Britain and, because we are getting more and more cases of post-abortion syndrome, people are beginning to realise that abortion is not the harmless procedure that it is made out to be by the feminists. [emphasis mine]

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