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Monday, August 8, 2005

Let 'pro-choice' in abortion refer to informed choice, from the Eugene, Oregon StatesmanJournal:

Put yourself, if you will, into the place of a 15-year-old girl; she could be your daughter, your sister or even you. She's pregnant and scared. Her boyfriend wants her to have an abortion, but she's against it.

She takes him to the abortion facility, hoping he'll change his mind. After she arrives there, the nurse comments that she looks nervous, and hands her two pills to take, then leaves her alone in the locked room. With nothing but her saliva to digest the two Valium pills into her 101-pound frame, she swallows.

When the nurse comes back, she gives the teen consent forms to sign, which the girl does, even though she has received no information about abortion or the risks involved.

With enough Valium in her system to knock out a 145-pound man, she's ready to do anything.

She's then led into a room to have the surgical procedure, bumping into the previous patient on the way out. There was clearly not enough time to sanitize the room from the previous procedure before she was brought in.
This column is based on events that occurred in Oregon four years ago. Read the full column here.

In an English paper over the weekend, an argument is made about a different aspect of informed choice.

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