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Saturday, August 13, 2005

A new book is out about how to handle an unplanned pregnancy when it's one's own teen in trouble: "Mom, Dad . . . I'm Pregnant" - When Your Daughter or Son Faces an Unplanned Pregnancy, by Jayne E. Schooler.

She's a pastor's wife and also speaks from firsthand experience: her own daughter came home from college with this news.

The blurb in my paper says the author "talks about the long-term effects of abortion." I haven't read it yet, but would love to know what she actually covers. Has anyone out there done so yet? Emily, is this one for your review and possible inclusion on the abortion book list?

It might be worth getting for my son, and for my local Youth Group leaders.

I also have another question: what about the short-term and midrange effects of abortion?

The reviews on Amazon are worth reading too.

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