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Monday, August 1, 2005

Over the weekend, a poster at the I'm Not Sorry message boards wrote a post called Feelings--can we have them as pro-choice women?

She asks:

Why can't we talk about death, loss and mourning without feeling (or being made to feel) that we're bolstering the anti-choicers? Is it possible that by acknowledging these feelings, we could lend greater credibility to the pro-choice movement and take the wind out of the sails of the anti-choicers' PASS nonsense?
The posters who have responded to her are all opposed to this strategy.

The conversation is sadly revealing. What it reveals is people who are only interested in the emotional aftermath of abortion to the extent that it affects their political agenda.

The idea that by paying attention to the negative aftermath of abortion, she (or the pro-choice movement) could learn more about a dimension of reality they have hitherto ignored, or find ways to help women, or understand why abortion hurts some or many women...she can find none of these motivations in her heart.

Learning and talking about how women feel, for her, only matters if it "lends greater credibility to the pro-choice movement."

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